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We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and fulfilling the equipment requirements of our clients, regardless of the industry they operate in, be it construction, landscaping, or any other that necessitates multifunctional machinery.

Benefits of Renting a Skid Steer

Renting a skid steer offers several benefits, especially for short-term projects or for those who require flexibility in their equipment use. These benefits make renting a skid steer an attractive option for businesses and individuals needing versatile and efficient equipment for their projects without the commitments and costs of ownership. Here are some key advantages:

Cost Efficiency

Renting a skid steer can be more cost-effective than purchasing, especially for one-time or infrequent use. It eliminates the need for a large upfront investment and can be a more economical choice for short-term projects.


Renting offers the flexibility to choose the right skid steer for each project, allowing you to match the equipment to your specific needs without the commitment of purchasing.

No Storage Concerns

You don’t need to worry about long-term storage or the costs associated with it, as you can return the skid steer to the rental company once the project is completed.

Maintenance and Repairs

We handle all maintenance and repairs, reducing downtime and saving you the hassle and expense of servicing the equipment.

Tax Benefits

Rental costs can often be deducted as a business expense in the year they are incurred, potentially offering tax advantages.

Trial Before Purchase

If you're considering purchasing a skid steer, renting allows you to trial different models and find the one that best suits your needs before making a significant investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

When renting a skid steer, customers typically have several important questions to ensure they choose the right equipment for their needs and understand the terms of the rental agreement. Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs):

What types of skid steer loaders are available for rent?

We are curenttly renting the Kubota SVL 75-3 HF Closed Cab and the Bobcat T770 Track Loader

How much does it cost to rent a skid steer?

We have daily and weekly rental rates:

Rent a Kubota SVL 75-3 Track Loader for only $375/Day or $1,500/Week
Rent a Bobcat T770 for only $450/Day or $1,800/Week

Do I need any special training or certification to operate a skid steer?

Nope. When you rent a skid steer to you, we will show you how to operate it.

What attachments are available for the skid steer?

Can you deliver the skid steer to my job site, and what are the charges?

Skid Steer Delivery & Pickup (Up to 50 miles) for only $500

What is the fuel consumption, and what type of fuel does it use?

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What are the terms and conditions of the rental agreement?

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Is insurance required to rent a skid steer, and what does it cover?

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What is the procedure in case of a breakdown or malfunction?

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How do I return the skid steer, and what are the conditions for return?

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